Relyum extends its TSN offer with new products

//Relyum extends its TSN offer with new products

Relyum extends its TSN offer with new products

Interest on Time-Sensitive Networking increases day to day in every sector. Markets like Aerospace, Railway or Industrial Automation see TSN as an opportunity for moving to an interoperable high-bandwidth network with Deterministic characteristics, that will provide them significant cost saving in terms of devices and cabling.

Aiming to offer the most complete TSN solution to its customers, Relyum has released new products and functionalities for covering all the needs of Time-Sensitive Networking.

The company has launched a new RELY-TSN-PCIe NIC based on Xilinx UltraScale™ technology for supporting the most demanding requirements of the new standards that are being implemented in the devices. The new design is ready for supporting new standards like IEEE 802.1CB.:

This new RELY-TSN-PCIe NIC will replace the current one in the RELY-TSN-KIT launched by Relyum as a demo tool for evaluating the main features of TSN. The new version of the kit also includes an external traffic generator board for creating congestion scenarios in the TSN setup, in order to prove the benefits of TSN technology.

Finally, during this quarter, Relyum is launching RELY-TSN-BRIDGE, a 4 port Time-Sensitive Networking switch, interoperable with other products in the market, that supports the following TSN standards:

  • IEEE 802.1AS – Timing and Synchronization
  • IEEE 802.1Qbv – Enhancements for Scheduled Traffic
  • IEEE 802.1Qav – Forwarding and Queuing Enhancements for Time-Sensitive Streams
  • IEEE 802.1Qcc – Enhancements for Stream Reservation Protocol
  • IEEE 802.1Qci* – Per-Stream Filtering and Policing
  • IEEE 802.1CB* – Frame Replication and Elimination for Reliability
  • IEEE 802.1Qbu* & IEEE 802.3br* – Frame Replication and Elimination for Reliability

*Interoperability test pending

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