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    O.S. Open Source Software licenses – RELY-PCIe 18.09 onwards

    Packet Version License
    adduser 3.113+nmu3ubuntu4 GPL-2
    apparmor 2.10.95-0ubuntu2.10 GPL-2
    apt 1.2.29 GPL-2
    apt-transport-https 1.2.29 GPL-2
    apt-utils 1.2.29 GPL-2
    attr 1:2.4.47-2 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    aufs-tools 1:3.2+20130722-1.1ubuntu1 GPL-2
    base-files 9.4ubuntu4.7 GPL
    base-passwd 3.5.39 GPL-2
    bash 4.3-14ubuntu1.2 GPL-3
    binutils 2.26.1-1ubuntu1~16.04.7 GFDL GPL LGPL
    bridge-utils 1.5-9ubuntu1 GPL-2
    build-essential 12.1ubuntu2 GPL
    busybox-initramfs 1:1.22.0-15ubuntu1 GPL-2
    bzip2 1.0.6-8 GPL-2
    ca-certificates 20170717~16.04.1 GPL-2 MPL-2
    cgroupfs-mount 1.2 GPL-3
    cifs-utils 2:6.4-1ubuntu1.1 GPL-3 LGPL-3
    console-setup 1.108ubuntu15.4 GPL-2
    console-setup-linux 1.108ubuntu15.4 GPL-2 1.2.0-1 Apache-2.0
    coreutils 8.25-2ubuntu3~16.04 GPL-3
    cpio 2.11+dfsg-5ubuntu1 GPL-3
    cpp 4:5.3.1-1ubuntu1 GPL
    cpp-5 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.10 GPL-3
    cron 3.0pl1-128ubuntu2 GPL-2
    curl 7.47.0-1ubuntu2.11 BSD-4-clause
    dash 0.5.8-2.1ubuntu2 GPL
    dbus 1.10.6-1ubuntu3.3 AFL-21 GPL-2
    debconf 1.5.58ubuntu1 BSD-2-clause
    debconf-i18n 1.5.58ubuntu1 BSD-2-clause
    debianutils 4.7 GPL
    diffutils 1:3.3-3 GFDL GPL
    distro-info-data 0.28ubuntu0.9 ISC
    dpkg 1.18.4ubuntu1.5 GPL-2
    dpkg-dev 1.18.4ubuntu1.5 GPL-2
    e2fslibs:armhf 1.42.13-1ubuntu1 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    e2fsprogs 1.42.13-1ubuntu1 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    eject 2.1.5+deb1+cvs20081104-13.1ubu GPL-2
    ethtool 1:4.5-1 GPL-2
    exfat-fuse 1.2.3-1 GPL-3
    exfat-utils 1.2.3-1 GPL-3
    fakeroot 1.20.2-1ubuntu1 GPL
    file 1:5.25-2ubuntu1.1 BSD-2-clause
    findutils 4.6.0+git+20160126-2 GFDL GPL-3
    freetds-bin 0.91-6.1build1 GFDL LGPL-2
    freetds-common 0.91-6.1build1 GFDL LGPL-2
    freetds-dev 0.91-6.1build1 GFDL LGPL-2
    fuse 2.9.4-1ubuntu3.1 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    g++ 4:5.3.1-1ubuntu1 GPL
    g++-5 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.10 GFDL GPL-3
    gamin 0.1.10-5 LGPL
    gcc 4:5.3.1-1ubuntu1 GPL
    gcc-5 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.10 GFDL GPL-3
    gcc-5-base:armhf 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.10 GFDL GPL-3
    gcc-6-base:armhf 6.0.1-0ubuntu1 GFDL GPL-3
    git 1:2.7.4-0ubuntu1.5 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    git-man 1:2.7.4-0ubuntu1.5 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    gnupg 1.4.20-1ubuntu3.3 GPL-3
    gpgv 1.4.20-1ubuntu3.3 GPL-3
    grep 2.25-1~16.04.1 GPL-3
    gzip 1.6-4ubuntu1 GPL
    hostname 3.16ubuntu2 GPL-2
    i2c-tools 3.1.1-1 GPL-2
    ifupdown 0.8.10ubuntu1.4 GPL-2
    init 1.29ubuntu4 BSD-3-clause GPL-3
    init-system-helpers 1.29ubuntu4 BSD-3-clause GPL-3
    initramfs-tools 0.122ubuntu8.13 GPL-2
    initramfs-tools-bin 0.122ubuntu8.13 GPL-2
    initramfs-tools-core 0.122ubuntu8.13 GPL-2
    initscripts 2.88dsf-59.3ubuntu2 GPL-2
    insserv 1.14.0-5ubuntu3 GPL-2
    iproute2 4.3.0-1ubuntu3.16.04.4 GPL-2
    ipsec-tools 1:0.8.2+20140711-5 BSD license
    iptables 1.6.0-2ubuntu3 GPL-2
    iputils-ping 3:20121221-5ubuntu2 GPL
    isc-dhcp-client 4.3.3-5ubuntu12.10 ISC
    isc-dhcp-common 4.3.3-5ubuntu12.10 ISC
    kbd 1.15.5-1ubuntu5 GPL-2
    keyboard-configuration 1.108ubuntu15.4 GPL-2
    keyutils 1.5.9-8ubuntu1 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    klibc-utils 2.0.4-8ubuntu1.16.04.4 GPL-2
    kmod 22-1ubuntu5.1 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    krb5-locales 1.13.2+dfsg-5ubuntu2 GPL-2
    less 481-2.1ubuntu0.2 GPL-3
    libacl1:armhf 2.2.52-3 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libaio1:armhf 0.3.110-2 LGPL-2
    libalgorithm-diff-perl 1.19.03-1 GPL
    libalgorithm-diff-xs-perl 0.04-4build1 GPL
    libalgorithm-merge-perl 0.08-3 GPL
    libapparmor-perl 2.10.95-0ubuntu2.10 GPL-2
    libapparmor1:armhf 2.10.95-0ubuntu2.10 GPL-2
    libapt-inst2.0:armhf 1.2.29 GPL-2
    libapt-pkg5.0:armhf 1.2.29 GPL-2
    libarchive13:armhf 3.1.2-11ubuntu0.16.04.4 public domain
    libasan2:armhf 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.10 GFDL GPL-3
    libatm1:armhf 1:2.5.1-1.5 GPL-2
    libatomic1:armhf 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.10 GFDL GPL-3
    libattr1:armhf 1:2.4.47-2 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libaudit-common 1:2.4.5-1ubuntu2.1 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libaudit1:armhf 1:2.4.5-1ubuntu2.1 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libavahi-client3:armhf 0.6.32~rc+dfsg-1ubuntu2.2 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libavahi-common-data:armhf 0.6.32~rc+dfsg-1ubuntu2.2 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libavahi-common3:armhf 0.6.32~rc+dfsg-1ubuntu2.2 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libblkid1:armhf 2.27.1-6ubuntu3.6 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libbz2-1.0:armhf 1.0.6-8 GPL-2
    libc-bin 2.23-0ubuntu10 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libc-dev-bin 2.23-0ubuntu10 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libc6:armhf 2.23-0ubuntu10 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libc6-dev:armhf 2.23-0ubuntu10 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libcap-ng0:armhf 0.7.7-1 GPL-3 LGPL-2
    libcap2:armhf 1:2.24-12 BSD-3-clause GPL-2
    libcap2-bin 1:2.24-12 BSD-3-clause GPL-2
    libcryptsetup4:armhf 2:1.6.6-5ubuntu2.1 GPL-2
    libct4:armhf 0.91-6.1build1 GFDL LGPL-2
    libcups2:armhf 2.1.3-4ubuntu0.5 BSD-2-clause GPL-2
    libdbus-1-3:armhf 1.10.6-1ubuntu3.3 AFL-2.1 GPL-2
    libdebconfclient0:armhf 0.198ubuntu1 public domain
    libdevmapper1.02.1:armhf 2:1.02.110-1ubuntu10 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    liberror-perl 0.17-1.2 GPL
    libestr0 0.1.10-1 LGPL-2
    libev-dev 1:4.22-1 BSD-2-clause GPL-2
    libev4 1:4.22-1 BSD-2-clause GPL-2
    libfakeroot:armhf 1.20.2-1ubuntu1 GPL
    libfdisk1:armhf 2.27.1-6ubuntu3.6 BSD-2-clause GPL-2
    libffi-dev:armhf 3.2.1-4 GPL
    libffi6:armhf 3.2.1-4 GPL
    libfile-copy-recursive-perl 0.38-1 GPL
    libfile-fcntllock-perl 0.22-3 GPL
    libfribidi0:armhf 0.19.7-1 LGPL-2
    libfuse2:armhf 2.9.4-1ubuntu3.1 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libgamin0 0.1.10-5 LGPL
    libgcc-5-dev:armhf 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.10 GFDL GPL-3
    libgcc1:armhf 1:6.0.1-0ubuntu1 GFDL GPL-3
    libgcrypt20:armhf 1.6.5-2ubuntu0.5 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libgdbm3:armhf 1.8.3-13.1 GPL-2
    libglib2.0-0:armhf 2.48.2-0ubuntu4.1 LGPL
    libglib2.0-data 2.48.2-0ubuntu4.1 LGPL
    libgmp10:armhf 2:6.1.0+dfsg-2 GPL-3 LGPL-3
    libgnutls-openssl27:armhf 3.4.10-4ubuntu1.4 GFDL GPL-3
    libgnutls30:armhf 3.4.10-4ubuntu1.4 GFDL GPL-3
    libgomp1:armhf 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.10 GFDL GPL-3
    libgpg-error0:armhf 1.21-2ubuntu1 GPL-2
    libgpm2:armhf 1.20.4-6.1 GPL-2
    libgssapi-krb5-2:armhf 1.13.2+dfsg-5ubuntu2 GPL-2
    libi2c-dev 3.1.1-1 GPL-2
    libisl15:armhf 0.16.1-1 BSD-2-clause LGPL-2 MIT
    libjson-c2:armhf 0.11-4ubuntu2 MIT
    libk5crypto3:armhf 1.13.2+dfsg-5ubuntu2 GPL-2
    libkeyutils1:armhf 1.5.9-8ubuntu1 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libklibc 2.0.4-8ubuntu1.16.04.4 GPL-2
    libkmod2:armhf 22-1ubuntu5.1 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libkrb5-3:armhf 1.13.2+dfsg-5ubuntu2 GPL-2
    libkrb5support0:armhf 1.13.2+dfsg-5ubuntu2 GPL-2
    libldb1:armhf 2:1.1.24-1ubuntu3 GPL-3 LGPL-3
    liblocale-gettext-perl 1.07-1build1 GPL
    libltdl7:armhf 2.4.6-0.1 GFDL GPL
    liblz4-1:armhf 0.0~r131-2ubuntu2 BSD-2-clause GPL-2
    liblzo2-2:armhf 2.08-1.2 GPL-2
    libmnl0:armhf 1.0.3-5 GPL-2
    libmount1:armhf 2.27.1-6ubuntu3.6 BSD-2-clause GPL-2
    libmpc3:armhf 1.0.3-1 LGPL-2
    libmpdec2:armhf 2.4.2-1 BSD GPL-2
    libmpfr4:armhf 3.1.4-1 GFDL LGPL-3
    libnewt0.52:armhf 0.52.18-1ubuntu2 LGPL-2
    libnfnetlink0:armhf 1.0.1-3 GPL
    libnih1:armhf 1.0.3-4.3ubuntu1 GPL-2
    libodbc1:armhf 2.3.1-4.1 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libpam-modules:armhf 1.1.8-3.2ubuntu2.1 GPL
    libpam-modules-bin 1.1.8-3.2ubuntu2.1 GPL
    libpam-runtime 1.1.8-3.2ubuntu2.1 GPL
    libpam0g:armhf 1.1.8-3.2ubuntu2.1 GPL
    libpcap0.8:armhf 1.7.4-2 BSD license
    libpcre3:armhf 2:8.38-3.1 BSD license
    libperl5.22:armhf 5.22.1-9ubuntu0.5 GPL-2
    libpopt0:armhf 1.16-10 GPL-2
    libprocps4:armhf 2:3.3.10-4ubuntu2.4 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libpython-all-dev:armhf 2.7.12-1~16.04 GPL
    libpython-dev:armhf 2.7.12-1~16.04 GPL
    libpython-stdlib:armhf 2.7.12-1~16.04 GPL
    libpython2.7:armhf 2.7.12-1ubuntu0~16.04.4 Apache-2.0 GPL-2
    libpython2.7-dev:armhf 2.7.12-1ubuntu0~16.04.4 Apache-2.0 GPL-2
    libpython2.7-minimal:armhf 2.7.12-1ubuntu0~16.04.4 Apache-2.0 GPL-2
    libpython2.7-stdlib:armhf 2.7.12-1ubuntu0~16.04.4 Apache-2.0 GPL-2
    libpython3-stdlib:armhf 3.5.1-3 GPL
    libpython3.5:armhf 3.5.2-2ubuntu0~16.04.5 Apache-2.0 GPL-2
    libpython3.5-minimal:armhf 3.5.2-2ubuntu0~16.04.5 Apache-2.0 GPL-2
    libpython3.5-stdlib:armhf 3.5.2-2ubuntu0~16.04.5 Apache-2.0 GPL-2
    libreadline6:armhf 6.3-8ubuntu2 GPL-3
    librtmp1:armhf 2.4+20151223.gitfa8646d-1ubunt GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libsasl2-2:armhf 2.1.26.dfsg1-14ubuntu0.1 BSD-4-clause GPL-2 or BSD-2-clause GPL-3
    libsasl2-modules:armhf 2.1.26.dfsg1-14ubuntu0.1 BSD-4-clause GPL-2 or BSD-2-clause GPL-3
    libsasl2-modules-db:armhf 2.1.26.dfsg1-14ubuntu0.1 BSD-4-clause GPL-2 or BSD-2-clause GPL-3
    libseccomp2:armhf 2.3.1-2.1ubuntu2~16.04.1 LGPL-2
    libselinux1:armhf 2.4-3build2 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libsemanage-common 2.3-1build3 GPL LGPL
    libsemanage1:armhf 2.3-1build3 GPL LGPL
    libsensors4:armhf 1:3.4.0-2 GPL-2
    libsensors4-dev 1:3.4.0-2 GPL-2
    libsepol1:armhf 2.4-2 GPL LGPL
    libslang2:armhf 2.3.0-2ubuntu1.1 GPL-2
    libsmbclient:armhf 2:4.3.11+dfsg-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 GPL-3 LGPL
    libsnmp-base 5.7.3+dfsg-1ubuntu4.2 BSD license
    libsnmp-dev 5.7.3+dfsg-1ubuntu4.2 BSD license
    libsnmp30:armhf 5.7.3+dfsg-1ubuntu4.2 BSD license
    libsqlite3-0:armhf 3.11.0-1ubuntu1 GPL-2
    libssl-dev:armhf 1.0.2g-1ubuntu4.13 BSD license
    libssl-doc 1.0.2g-1ubuntu4.13 BSD license
    libssl1.0.0:armhf 1.0.2g-1ubuntu4.13 BSD license
    libstdc++-5-dev:armhf 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.10 GFD GPL-3
    libstdc++6:armhf 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.10 GFD GPL-3
    libstrongswan 5.3.5-1ubuntu3.8 BSD-3-clause GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libstrongswan-standard-plugins 5.3.5-1ubuntu3.8 BSD-3-clause GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libsybdb5:armhf 0.91-6.1build1 GFDL LGPL-2
    libsystemd-dev:armhf 229-4ubuntu21.9 CC0 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libsystemd0:armhf 229-4ubuntu21.9 CC0 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libtalloc2:armhf 2.1.5-2 BSD-3 ISC LGPL-3
    libtasn1-6:armhf 4.7-3ubuntu0.16.04.3 GFDL GPL-3 LGPL LGPL-2.1
    libtdb1:armhf 1.3.8-2 BSD-3-clause GPL-3 LGPL-3
    libterm-readkey-perl 2.33-1build1 GPL
    libterm-readline-perl-perl 1.0303-1 GPL
    libtevent0:armhf 0.9.28-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 BSD-3-clause ISC LGPL-3
    libtext-charwidth-perl 0.04-7build5 GPL-2
    libtext-iconv-perl 1.7-5build4 GPL-2
    libtext-wrapi18n-perl 0.06-7.1 GPL
    libubsan0:armhf 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.10 GFDL LGPL-3
    libudev-dev:armhf 229-4ubuntu21.9 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libudev1:armhf 229-4ubuntu21.9 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libusb-0.1-4:armhf 2:0.1.12-28 LGPL-2
    libustr-1.0-1:armhf 1.0.4-5 BSD-2-clause GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libuuid1:armhf 2.27.1-6ubuntu3.6 BSD-2-clause GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libwebsockets-dev:armhf 1.7.1-1 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libwebsockets7:armhf 1.7.1-1 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    libx11-6:armhf 2:1.6.3-1ubuntu2.1 MIT license
    libx11-data 2:1.6.3-1ubuntu2.1 MIT license
    libxtables11:armhf 1.6.0-2ubuntu3 Artistic-2 GPL-2
    libzip4:armhf 1.0.1-0ubuntu1 GPL-3
    lighttpd 1.4.35-4ubuntu2 BSD-3-clause
    linux-base 4.5ubuntu1~16.04.1 GPL-2
    linux-headers-4.4.0-xilinx+ 1 GPL-2
    linux-image-4.4.0-xilinx+ 1 GPL-2
    linux-libc-dev:armhf 4.4.0-139.165 GPL-2
    linuxptp 1.9 GPL-2
    locales 2.23-0ubuntu10 GPL-2 LGPL-2.1
    login 1:4.2-3.1ubuntu5.3 GPL-2
    logrotate 3.8.7-2ubuntu2.16.04.2 GPL-2
    lsb-base 9.20160110ubuntu0.2 BSD-3-clause GPL-2
    lsb-release 9.20160110ubuntu0.2 BSD-3-clause GPL-2
    make 4.1-6 GPL-3
    makedev 2.3.1-93ubuntu2~ubuntu16.04.1 GPL
    mawk 1.3.3-17ubuntu2 GPL-2
    mount 2.27.1-6ubuntu3.6 GPL-3
    mstpd 0.03 GPL-2
    mtd-utils 1:1.5.2-1 GPL-2
    multiarch-support 2.23-0ubuntu10 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    nano 2.5.3-2ubuntu2 GFDL GPL-3
    net-tools 1.60-26ubuntu1 GPL-2
    netbase 5.3 GPL-2
    netcat-openbsd 1.105-7ubuntu1 BSD-3-clause
    ntpstat GPL-2
    openssh-client 1:7.2p2-4ubuntu2.6 GPL-2
    openssh-server 1:7.2p2-4ubuntu2.6 GPL-2
    openssh-sftp-server 1:7.2p2-4ubuntu2.6 GPL-2
    openssl 1.0.2g-1ubuntu4.13 BSD license
    passwd 1:4.2-3.1ubuntu5.3 GPL-2
    patch 2.7.5-1ubuntu0.16.04.1 GPL
    perl 5.22.1-9ubuntu0.5 GPL
    perl-base 5.22.1-9ubuntu0.5 GPL
    perl-modules-5.22 5.22.1-9ubuntu0.5 GPL
    php7.0 7.0.32-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 BSD-2-clause
    php7.0-cgi 7.0.32-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 BSD-2-clause
    php7.0-cli 7.0.32-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 BSD-2-clause
    php7.0-common 7.0.32-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 BSD-2-clause
    php7.0-fpm 7.0.32-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 BSD-2-clause
    php7.0-json 7.0.32-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 BSD-2-clause
    php7.0-opcache 7.0.32-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 BSD-2-clause
    php7.0-readline 7.0.32-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 BSD-2-clause
    php7.0-zip 7.0.32-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 BSD-2-clause
    pigz 2.3.1-2 GPL
    procps 2:3.3.10-4ubuntu2.4 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    psmisc 22.21-2.1build1 GPL-2
    python 2.7.12-1~16.04 GPL
    python-all 2.7.12-1~16.04 GPL
    python-all-dev 2.7.12-1~16.04 GPL
    python-crypto 2.6.1-6ubuntu0.16.04.3 BSD-3-Clause
    python-dev 2.7.12-1~16.04 GPL
    python-ldb 2:1.1.24-1ubuntu3 GPL-3 LGPL-3
    python-minimal 2.7.12-1~16.04 GPL
    python-pkg-resources 20.7.0-1 GPL
    python-samba 2:4.3.11+dfsg-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 GPL-3 LGPL-3
    python-setuptools 20.7.0-1 GPL
    python-systemd 231-2build1 LGPL-2
    python-talloc 2.1.5-2 BSD-3-clause ISC LGPL-3
    python-tdb 1.3.8-2 BSD-3-clause ISC LGPL-3
    python-wheel 0.29.0-1 MIT GPL-3
    python2.7 2.7.12-1ubuntu0~16.04.4 Apache-2.0 GPL-2
    python2.7-dev 2.7.12-1ubuntu0~16.04.4 Apache-2.0 GPL-2
    python2.7-minimal 2.7.12-1ubuntu0~16.04.4 Apache-2.0 GPL-2
    python3 3.5.1-3 GPL
    python3-chardet 2.3.0-2 LGPL-2
    python3-minimal 3.5.1-3 GPL
    python3-pkg-resources 20.7.0-1 GPL
    python3.5 3.5.2-2ubuntu0~16.04.5 Apache-2.0 GPL-2
    python3.5-minimal 3.5.2-2ubuntu0~16.04.5 Apache-2.0 GPL-2
    read-edid 3.0.2-1 GPL-2 GPL-2
    readline-common 6.3-8ubuntu2 GPL-3
    rename 0.20-4 GPL
    resolvconf 1.78ubuntu6 GPL-2
    rsync 3.1.1-3ubuntu1.2 GPL-3
    rsyslog 8.16.0-1ubuntu3 Apache-2.0 GPL-3 LGPL-3
    samba 2:4.3.11+dfsg-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 BSD-3-clause GPL-3 LGPL-3
    samba-common 2:4.3.11+dfsg-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 BSD-3-clause GPL-3 LGPL-3
    samba-common-bin 2:4.3.11+dfsg-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 BSD-3-clause GPL-3 LGPL-3
    samba-dsdb-modules 2:4.3.11+dfsg-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 BSD-3-clause GPL-3 LGPL-3
    samba-libs:armhf 2:4.3.11+dfsg-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 BSD-3-clause GPL-3 LGPL-3
    samba-vfs-modules 2:4.3.11+dfsg-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 BSD-3-clause GPL-3 LGPL-3
    sed 4.2.2-7 GPL
    sensible-utils 0.0.9ubuntu0.16.04.1 GPL-2
    sgml-base 1.26+nmu4ubuntu1 GPL
    shared-mime-info 1.5-2ubuntu0.2 GPL
    sleepenh 1.4-2 GPL-2
    smbclient 2:4.3.11+dfsg-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 BSD-3-clause GPL-3 LGPL-3
    snmp 5.7.3+dfsg-1ubuntu4.2 BSD license
    snmpd 5.7.3+dfsg-1ubuntu4.2 BSD license
    spawn-fcgi 1.6.4-1 BSD-3-clause
    ssh-import-id 5.5-0ubuntu1 GPL-3
    sshpass 1.05-1 GPL-2
    systemd 229-4ubuntu21.9 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    systemd-sysv 229-4ubuntu21.9 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    sysv-rc 2.88dsf-59.3ubuntu2 GPL-2
    sysvinit-utils 2.88dsf-59.3ubuntu2 GPL-2
    tar 1.28-2.1ubuntu0.1 GPL-2 GPL-3
    tcpdump 4.9.2-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 BSD-4-clause
    tdb-tools 1.3.8-2 BSD-3-clause GPL-3 LGPL-3
    ubuntu-advantage-tools 10ubuntu0.16.04.1 GPL-3.0
    ubuntu-keyring 2012.05.19 GPL
    ubuntu-minimal 1.361.2 GPL-2
    ucf 3.0036 GPL-2
    udev 229-4ubuntu21.9 GPL-2 LGPL-2
    ufw 0.35-0ubuntu2 BSD-3-clause GPL-3
    update-inetd 4.43 GPL-2
    ureadahead 0.100.0-19 GPL-2
    vim 2:7.4.1689-3ubuntu1.2 GPL-2
    vim-common 2:7.4.1689-3ubuntu1.2 GPL-2
    vim-runtime 2:7.4.1689-3ubuntu1.2 GPL-2
    vim-tiny 2:7.4.1689-3ubuntu1.2 GPL-2
    vlan 1.9-3.2ubuntu1.16.04.5 GPL
    wget 1.17.1-1ubuntu1.4 GFDL GPL-3
    whiptail 0.52.18-1ubuntu2 LGPL-2
    xdg-user-dirs 0.15-2ubuntu6.16.04.1 GPL
    xml-core 0.13+nmu2 GPL


    GUI Open Source Software licenses  –  RELY-PCIe 18.09 onwards

    Packet Version License
    lighttpd 1.4.35 BSD license
    php 7.0.32 PHP License v3.01
    adminLTE 2.3.0 Open source – MIT
    Bootstrap 3.3.5 Open source – MIT
    Bootstrap-wysihtml5 0.4.15 Open source – MIT
    jQuery 2.2.3 Open source – MIT
    jQueryUI 1.11.4 Open source – MIT
    raphael 2 Open source – MIT
    tooltipster Open source – MIT
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