Meet us at the TSN/A 2022
//Meet us at the TSN/A 2022

Meet us at the TSN/A 2022

As part of our commitment to TSN, for the third consecutive year we will participate as exhibitors at TSN/A 2022! This year’s conference will be held in Stuttgart from September 28 to 29.

Time-Sensitive Networking – TSN – standard Ethernet is extended to deliver great time synchronization and worst-case latency for applications that require robust, deterministic connectivity. TSN-enabled products for industrial automation are now on the way. TSN – together with 5G and OPC UA – has a broad impact, especially in application areas like Industrial, Automotive, and Railway.

The TSN/A Conference 2022 will highlight the standard’s technological aspects as well as Application-specific topics relevant in the various markets/industries. Nowadays, cybersecurity could be one of the big challenges in TSN. Best Effort traffic can benefit from widely applied security mechanisms in IT networks, like TLS. But Scheduled traffic and even Reserved traffic require low-latency authentication and encryption mechanisms. In addition, the PTP synchronization layer shall be protected by combining security mechanisms at different levels.

In order to provide a more in-depth analysis on these points, our ex-CEO Armando Astarloa, will give a presentation of the Impact of MACSEC security on TSN traffic.

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SoC-e and Relyum will also take this opportunity to show their different TSN product catalog. SoC-e is focused on developing IP Cores and System-on-Modules (SoMs) for Networking and Synchronization, that’s why it can be a TSN technological provider with its 1G TSN and 10G TSN IP Cores. Regarding Relyum, it is more focused on added value end-equipment for Networking, Synchronization and Cybersecurity applications.

Among all these offers of TSN products, a selection has been made and the people attending to the Conference will be able to see the latest 2022 developments as well as a preview of the 2023 announcements:

RELYUM has launched RELY-TSN-BRIDGE+, a new hardware platform that is available with different configurations: 12-port version, 20-port version, and 10G version.

Through all these ports, the device supports the largest number of TSN standards in the market, which makes it suitable for any specific profile. These key features make RELY-TSN-BRIDGE+ platform the most reliable and multipurpose networking device for critical environments.



The configuration of a TSN Network is one of the most active topics in the standardization (IEEE) and Industrial (IIC TSN Testbed Working Group) groups. TSN communications are based on a data streams set between a Talker and one or more Listeners. Based on the agreed parameters for each stream, it is necessary to configure all the elements of the TSN network to switch the frames based on the selected parameters. This operation is performed by a Centralized Network Configuration (CNC) node.

Relyum has signed a partnership with a company with a large experience of network modeling, for offering RELY-Configurator, a configuration tool that allows configuring TSN devices, when network topology and communication needs are determined, and that guarantees that constraints are met.

In the TSN/A Conference, RELYUM and SoC-e will present how this tool communicates with a RELY-TSN-BRIDGE TSN-4 switch and sends the configuration generated to the TSN device.

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