SoC-e and Relyum day
//SoC-e and Relyum day

SoC-e and Relyum day

We are celebrating the SoC-e and Relyum Eguna! Eguna means day in Basque, so the traslation would be: The day of SoC-e and Relyum.

The SoC-e & Relyum Eguna is a day where the SoC-e & Relyum team gets together and we take the opportunity to do different activities. This year we went skateboarding!

We used to celebrate the SoC-e Eguna every year, but because of the coronavirus, we haven’t celebrated this day since 2019. This year we were finally able to meet and enjoy a perfect day in the surroundings of Bilbao. It was a pleasure to be all together and we are already looking forward to the next SoC-e & Relyum Eguna!

Apart from that, this year was a special one as we also celebrated the 10th anniversary of the veterans’ team. Congratulations!

Veterans team

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