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XMC family


Switch Router Mezzanine Card

RELY-XMC-SWITCH-ROUTER is a configurable, high-performance, conduction- or air-cooled XMC module, based on the Xilinx Zynq® UltraScale+™ family of MPSoC components, which benefit from having an EOL of 25 years.

This device implements an up-to 17 port switch providing up-to 12x 1G/10G ports, 4x 1G ports and 1x 1G port for attachment to a second source on the carrier.

RELY-XMC-SWITCH-ROUTER device offers the possibility to introduce advanced L2 / L3 communications, high-availability redundancy (“Zero-Packet-Loss” or “Zero-Recovery-Time”), sub-microsecond synchronization and wire-speed cybersecurity features in the system (using an SBC carrier, a VPX carrier, etc.) where it is hosted, for its integration in a military network.

Additionally, it benefits from SoC-e’s technology for critical sectors, one of the most comprehensive and field-proven solution in the market.


  • 4x 1G/10G SFP+ (front) Ports.
  • 4x 1000BaseT (rear) Ports.
  • 8x 1000Base-(K)X or 10GBase-(K)R (rear) Ports.
  • 1x 1G/10G TSN PCIe Port for attachment to a second source on the carrier.
  • 1x 1000Base-(K)X (rear) Service Port.
  • 1x 1G (internal) Port to SoC CPU.
  •  Media options (SFP+ cages):
    » 10/100/1000Base-T, 100Base-FX, 1000Base-X, 10GBase-R.
  • Spanning Tree Protocols:
    » IEEE802.1D (STP), IEEE802.1w (RSTP), IEEE802.1s (MSTP).
  • Redundancy optional:
    » IEC 62439-3 Clause 4 PRP “Parallel Redundancy Protocol”.
    » IEC 62439-3 Clause 5 HSR “High availability Seamless Redundancy”.
    » IEC 62439-2 Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP).
    » Device Level Ring (DLR) Redundancy.
  • VLAN support.
  • IEEE 802.1P Traffic prioritization.
  • 1x GPIO/PPS/IRIG-B output connector.

Layer 3 funcionalities

  • IPv4/IPv6 unicast and multicast routing
  • Static routing.
  • Dynamic Routing:
    » OSPFv2, OSPFv3, RIPv2, BGPv4, BGPv6
    » VRRP
  • IGMP Snooping.
  • DSCP ToS.
  • L3 Firewall.
  • L3 Tunneling: PPP, GRETAP, L2TPv2/v3IEEE 802.1AS – Timing and Synchronization.

Security functionalities

  • Access Control List: ACL based on IP address (IPv4) (optional).
  • IEEE 802.1AE – MACsec support (copper ports).
  • Security:
    » Port security.
    » Command Line authority based on user level.
    » Static MAC address table.
  • Network Access Control:
    » IEEE 802.1X port-based network access control: port blocking, MAC filtering, message marking/unmarking, and forwarding.
    » MAC-based authentication.
    » RADIUS authentication.


  • IEEE 1588v2 PTP “Precision Time Protocol” profiles with E2E mode and P2P mode of operation.
  • IEEE 1588v2 PTP “Precision Time Protocol” over HSR & PRP.
  • Optional Ordinary Clock & Boundary Clock mode of operation.
  • (S)NTP Client.

Software features

  • Ethernet network drivers available for most OS** (Linux, Windows, VxWorks, etc.).

Processing performance & memory

  • On-board FPGA for high-speed network switching and PTP timestamping.
  • Multi-core CPU unit to support autonomous software applications.
  • Up to 4 GB of DDR4.
  • 32 GB of EMMC flash.
  • QSPI flash 512Mb.

P15 I/O

  • 1x PCI x1 Express Gen3 interface compliant with VITA 42.3 or 1x PCI x4 Express Gen2 interface.

P16 I/O

  • 4x 1000Base-T Ports.
  • 8x 1000Base-(K)X or 10GBase-(K)R Ports.
  •  1x 1000Base-(K)X Service Port.
  • Up-to 38 I/O signals connector (UART, GPIO, etc.).

Rugged device

  • Air-Cooled and Conduction-Cooled versions available.
  • Operating temperature -40 to 85ºC for Conduction-Cooled version (edge temperature).
  • Operating ambient air temperature -40 to 70ºC for Air-Cooled version (with sufficient airflow).

Configuration and Management

  • SNMPv3, SSH, Netconf (YANG model-based configuration) support.
  • On-board integrated Web Server to provide HTML5-GUI configuration access:
    » Accessible through HTTP(S).
    » Configuration profiles and Firmware updates.
    » Real-time network monitoring.
  • Compatible with Centralized Configuration Tools (CNC).

*TBD per port.
**Depends on port throughput.

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