RELYUM implements SoC-e’s tech leader in TSN
/, TSN/RELYUM implements SoC-e’s tech leader in TSN

RELYUM implements SoC-e’s tech leader in TSN

An IEEE publication recognizes SoC-e at the top of TSN developers.

Traditionally it has been said that the most important thing is to arrive but, when talking about data transmission in critical solutions (industrial automation, networks in vehicles, or aeronautical networks among others), what really matters is to do it right on time, neither before, nor after. This is what TSN (Time Sensitive Networking) technology achieves: it improves the Ethernet connection guaranteeing the transmission of data at a precise moment in time.

The core function of TSN addresses the functional and internal perspective to achieve ultra-low latency, jitter, and ultra-reliability. Network management includes working with macro and external views, such as the configuration, management, and maintenance of TSN-enabled networks.

SoC-e knows this perfectly well. And so does the IEEE when it mentions, in a published article, a study carried out by our colleagues on the security of digitization of the electricity sector using IEC 61850 in TSN [2] recognizing that SoC-e’s solution supports the highest number of TSN standards. This fact places SoC-e’s technology at the top of the ranking among competitors and consequently, RELYUM for implementing their solution, which makes us very proud.

This article [1] presents the findings after reviewing more than 174 TSN-related academic research articles published by leading academic publishers (IEEE, Google Scholar, and ACM), classifying these studies by topic, purpose, and methodology; and analyzing trends in NRT research. Specifically, the characteristics of existing studies that have evaluated NRT have been analyzed and future directions are proposed to advance the boundaries of NRT for real-world deployment. The authors aim to make this study a cornerstone for colleagues and new researchers.

[1] Y. Seol, D. Hyeon, J. Min, M. Kim and J. Paek, “Timely Survey of Time-Sensitive Networking: Past and Future Directions”, in IEEE Access, vol. 9, pp. 142506-142527, 2021, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2021.3120769.

[2] L. Muguira, J. Lázaro, S. Alonso, A. Astarloa and M. Rodríguez, ‘Secure critical traffic of the electric sector over time-sensitive networking’, in Proc. 35th Conf. (DCIS), November 2020, p. 16.

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