New generation military certificated time-server-router equipment 2024-04-25T15:22:32+02:00

New Generation Military Certificated Time-Server-Router Equipment

Aerospace & Defence (A&D) sector is adopting massively Ethernet as the standard fieldbus and data backbone. This approach offers to these critical systems interoperability among different sub-system vendors, low-latency, high-bandwidth and a robust way to distribute accurate timing synchronization.

Although this convergence on Ethernet is happening in all critical sectors, A&D demands systems designed for extremely rugged conditions expressed in exigent certifications. Additionally, the manufacturer shall proof its capability for supporting extended lifecycle production and flexibility for custom adaptations, as well as a deep technical background in the technologies involved in the equipment.

RELY-MIL equipment has born from the field-experience in A&D projects developed jointly with the A&D end-users. The challenges and requirements set have been solved defining unique equipment in the market, powered with the well-known technology for networking, synchronization and cybersecurity provided by System-on-Chip engineering S.L. (SoC-e).

RELYUM by SoC-e offers solutions for the following demands in Naval, Land and Aero projects:

  • High-availability Managed Ethernet L2 and L3 switch with accurate timing distribution. Products: RELY-MIL-SWITCH-ROUTER.
  • Flexible multi-clocking source military Time-Server-Routers. Products: RELY-MIL-TIME-SERVER.
  • Data Security oriented devices. Products: RELY-MIL-TIME-SECURE.
  • Deterministic Ethernet and Time-Sensitive Networking. Products: RELY-MIL-TSN, RELY-MIL-TSN-HSR.
  • Cutting-edge solutions for high-density Fiber Optic Solutions. Products: RELY-MIL-FO-SWITCH-ROUTER.

Find out more use cases in the following links:

  • RELY-MIL-SWITCH-ROUTER, providing the maximum flexibility and availability in a fail-save Fiber Optic rings for Land Vehicles. Key words: PTP, HSR, MSTP, 10G.
  • RELY-MIL-TIME-SERVER, solving the complex synchronization requirements for the new generation Naval Ships. Key words: NTP, PTP, GNSS, security, 10G Fiber Optic bidirectional, Disciplined Oscillators.
  • RELY-MIL-FO-SWITCH-ROUTER, providing a compact and flexible solution for massive Fiber Optic interconnected Aero and NAVAL systems.