RELY-PCIe: Version Control & Updates
/RELY-PCIe: Version Control & Updates
RELY-PCIe: Version Control & Updates 2020-10-20T17:49:06+02:00

Warning: before applying an update, make sure that the part number of the device corresponds to the part number of the fix/upgrade downloaded and check that the corresponding firmware version is running in the equipment. Fix first numbers (XX.X.Y) and firmware version (XX.X) must match. Note that fix is cumulative and includes previous fixes available for the same firmware version.

CAUTION: when upgrading a system, the device’s memory may be completly flashed. Make sure that power remains on and that there are no interruptions until the process is completed. Note that upgrading process might take 30 minutes.

Version ControlReleased dateDescriptionP/NUpgrade linkUpgrade fromFixApply fromNotes
18.0401/05/2018Initial version3510-AN/AN/A
18.0901/11/2018New L2 switching capabilities through Web Manager:
- MAC Table
- Switching port mask
- Frame Rate limit
- Port mirroring
- 802.1x
- Statistics

New synchronization features:
- NTP management

New management features through Web Manager:
- Configuration file management
- Upgrade management
- SNMP support
- System logs

SFP Autoconfiguration
3510-ARequest Relyum support18.04fix_rely_pcie_18.09.1818.09.X3510-A Discontinued.
3510-A-1N/AN/Afix_rely_pcie_18.09.18-custom_rst18.09.X-custom_rstBased on Recovery mode hardware design.
19.101/12/2019New Port Security menu
Secure upgrade
3519-A, 3519-BN/AN/ANew Low Profile / Full height model
20.101/01/2020Network Node Table feature for HSR/PRP:
- Missing frames
- Wrong LAN frames
3510-A-1Request Relyum support18.09-custom_rstfix_rely_pcie_20.1.420.1.X3510-A-1 Discontinued.
3519-A, 3519-BN/AN/Afix_rely_pcie_20.1.220.1.XInclude Golden bitstream
20.201/10/2020SFP monitoring feature
Configuration control  at firmware update
3519-A, 3519-BRequest Relyum support20.1fix_rely_pcie_20.2.120.2.X
20.301/12/2020Trap management3519-A, 3519-BRequest Relyum support20.1