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Time-Sensitive Networking validation tools for Ethernet convergence in the Automotive sector

In the upcoming years, automotive wiring harnesses will move from heterogeneous networks of different protocols to a hierarchical homogeneous Ethernet network.  In this context, Time-Sensitive Networking is set to become the definite solution to provide an interoperable network for Deterministic Ethernet in the automotive sector.

Before migration to TSN takes place, system integrators and manufacturers are intensively working in testing and validating the new standards developed under TSN umbrella. To support them in this complex task, Relyum has launched a wide range of complementary TSN products:

  • RELY-TSN-REC Time-Sensititve Networking Traffic Recorder: is able to inspect, timestamp and record Time-Sensitive Networking traffic, using the same IEEE 802.1AS timing reference.
  • RELY-TSN-LAB Time-Sensitive Networking Testing Tool: permits the measurement of the bandwidth and latency of a certain traffic in a specific device or network segment.
  • RELY-TSN-PCIe Time-Sensitive Networking Bridge PCIe NIC: allows direct access to TSN networks to legacy computers (PCIe or PCI) running vehicle control or informational applications as well as testing applications.
  • RELY-TSN-BRIDGE Time-Sensitive Networking Switch: allows to implement a Time-Sensitive Networking backbone for interconnecting the TSN devices and combine scheduled traffic and best effort traffic in the testing process.

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