Meet Relyum at European Utility Week in Paris on 12 -14 November
//Meet Relyum at European Utility Week in Paris on 12 -14 November

Meet Relyum at European Utility Week in Paris on 12 -14 November

RELYUM will be exhibiting at the European Utility Week trade show which will take place in Paris from the 12th to the 14th November.

There, the company will present a live setup with many of its latest developments:

  • RELY-SYNC-HSR/PRP-PCI lp: the new NIC with low profile format, with the  same features as the current full profile one:
    • Multimedia and multirate support (10/100/1000BaseT, 1000SX, 100FX with the same board)
    • Plug and Play: compatible with Intel drivers, supports any Operating Systems. Web manager based on HTML5 embedded in the card.
    • Operates as DAN but also as Redbox (additional third port, savings in Redbox devices). Hardware proven HSR/PRP solution.
    • Embedded intelligence to support PTP & Edge computing.
    • Industrial grade
    • Valid for legacy PCI
  • RELY-REC 19.1: a flexible recording solution with an embedded Web Manager tool for enhanced:
    • Networking: connected to a conventional Ethernet network or a high-availability network (PRP or HSR), with selectable NTP/PTP timestamp.
    • Triggering: with configurable pre and post trigger, based on multiple combination of input conditions (sensor input, logical alarms, synchronization loss, GOOSE and SMV values, etc.) for launching output actions like recording, mailing, SNMP traps, syslog events…
    • Recording: in an internal Industrial grade SSD disk, through two external ports that can be connected to Mirror ports or in TAP mode.
    • Filtering: through configurable filters for storage optimization and efficient monitoring, based on Wireshark semantic.
  • RELY- SV-PCIe: the first IEC 61850-9-2 Subscriber NIC, that converts the computer where it is hosted in a powerful IEC 61850 analytic tool, thanks to the following features. Additionally, the card supports HSR/PRP protocol for redundant networks as well as IEEE 1588 PTPv2 synchronization, which makes it a product with incredible benefits for smart grids.
    • Layer 2 IEC 61850-9-2 (SV) frame processing
    • High performance implementation of DFT computation module for calculating magnitude and phase of the first harmonic (50 or 60 Hz)
    • High performance RMS computation module
    • Up to 40 simultaneous SV streams supported with a process window of 1 (full calculation with each new sample)
    • Up to 64 streams with larger process window
    • Deterministic latency for full computation of 6us

Visit us at booth C43 or contact for getting more information about all these products!

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