The most complete TSN product range available in the market
//The most complete TSN product range available in the market

The most complete TSN product range available in the market

RELYUM is leveraging SoC-e’s MTSN IP Core to offer comprehensive TSN solutions. For getting started with TSN, RELYUM launched RELY-TSN-KIT, a starting kit that includes a demo application for evaluating the performance of the most relevant TSN standards: IEEE 802.1AS, IEEE 802.1Qbv, IEEE 802.1Qav and IEEE 802.1CB.

To move one step forward, the combination of RELY-TSN-BRIDGE, RELYUM’s first TSN switch device, and RELY-TSN-PCIe, a full height TSN PCIe NIC, allows users to implement flexible testbeds for analyzing TSN mechanism behavior with real application data.

As a complement to these devices, RELY-TRAF-GEN traffic generator device can be used to transmit up to 3Gbps congestion traffic, in order to validate the performance of TSN technology in the worst-case scenario.

These testbeds remain incomplete without testing tools capable to measure the latency of the traffic transmitted into a TSN network. RELY-TSN-LAB, a testing tool that implements traffic timestamping, error injection or latency calculation, responds to that need.

Additionally, for a deeper analysis, RELY-TSN-REC timestamps and records in an internal 256GB hard disk, with filtering capabilities for optimization. Data is saved in PCAP files that can be accessed simultaneously from a remote location and can be open with a standard application like Wireshark.

Finally, RELYUM’s latest release has been RELY-MIL family, a TSN rugged switch targeting application in the aerospace and defence sector.

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