DDS over TSN to support NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA)
//DDS over TSN to support NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA)

DDS over TSN to support NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA)

The new generation of military vehicles is massively digitized and interconnected. In this context, the defense industry is focusing on technology standards to ensure interoperability and an ability to rapidly update platforms in the event of new threats. For this, we offer our Whitepaper explaining why the original Ethernet has limitations and how an implementation of DDS over TSN could be a good solution.

NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA) is one such group that is taking standard based approach to platform designs. The Volume III of this standard defines the NGVA Data Infrastructure. This proposal comprises all data types interchanged among the subsystems of the vehicle. But as the heterogeneity of the sources is critical, all data types and communication layers rely on an Ethernet Data Link Layer.

Why DDS over TSN?

In critical subsystems, the information is exchanged via Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard. DDS is a family of middleware standards based on a publish-subscribe model that connects the receivers and providers of messages.
From this model, standardized messages, called Topics, are generated to be exchanged among the Vetronics systems. Quality-of-Service (QoS) profiles regulate the message transfer by means of specific QoS parameters. DDS is very powerful in this sense, providing more than 20 QoS parameters.

Original Ethernet is limited in ensuring real-time communications, which results in sub-optimal network infrastructure.Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) standards are the evolution of the original Ethernet. They define mechanisms for the real-time communication of data over Ethernet networks.

TSN provides a single, real-time capable, high-bandwidth, fault-tolerant and interoperable network. In combination with DDS, data delivery determinism can be ensured while the overall complexity and cost of the final implementation can be drastically reduced.

Download our whitepaper discussing DDS over TSN to support NGVA

You can download our paper discussing a DDS implementation over TSN running in a Military Certified Edge-Computing & Networking Equipment environment in the following button.

Download DDS over TSN whitepaper
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