New RELY-TSN-KIT with enhanced features!
//New RELY-TSN-KIT with enhanced features!

New RELY-TSN-KIT with enhanced features!

Relyum has gone one step further to introduce TSN technology in real implementations with its new product RELY-TSN-KIT.

This new kit presents the following key benefits:

  • It is based in a TSN end product that can be used in any real implementation of a TSN network
  • It is compatible with any standard PC that has an available PCIe slot, running almost any Operating System. Besides that, it has been designed  for minimizing the configuration required in the host PC. This results in a TSN “Plug & Play” kit that can be used by any user, regardless of his knowledge about TSN.
  • It can be hosted and can run in both:
    • Systems with real-time behavior requirements: In this case, the PC can be synchronized to the accurate timing reference of the TSN network through the the PCIe card and complemented with the Time Aware Shaper management and real-time patches integrated in the Operating System (Linux).
    • Systems with no (or soft) real-time behavior requirements: These systems can be retrofitted thanks to the PCIe card included in the kit, which provides a TSN interface for connecting a non time-aware equipment to a TSN network. Additionally, the card can gateway from the PTP accurate timing reference of the TSN network (PTP) to NTP, widely supported by most of the Operating Systems.

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