RELYUM participates in RTI Connext Conference 2020
//RELYUM participates in RTI Connext Conference 2020

RELYUM participates in RTI Connext Conference 2020

Next week, RELYUM will be participating as exhibitor in the RTI Connext Conference 2020 organized by its partner Real-Time Innovations for the US/Americas and EMEA/APAC market regions. RTI ConnextCon 2020 is the world’s largest gathering of power DDS users. This event also serves as a great overview of the Data Distribution ServiceTM (DDS) standard for both current DDS users and non-DDS users alike.

In this event, Relyum will be showcasing its solutions based in SoC-e’s Time-Sensitive Networking technology as a perfect complement to DDS.

With the addition of TSN, real-time traffic is delivered over the same Ethernet and users can enforce real-time Quality of Service (QoS) for critical traffic flows, simplifying the network structure. The combination of DDS and TSN also makes it possible to specify and enforce QoS in distributed systems, allowing system administrators to define the reliability of flows, latency budgets, deadlines, durability requirements and data lifespan, among other factors. In time-sensitive applications, together, TSN and DDS result in significant savings to applications in Industrial Automation, Energy and Aerospace & Defence domains.

The dates for the conferences are:

  • US/Americas: October 26-27
  • EMEA/APAC: October 28-29
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