NEW RELY-MIL-SOM product range
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NEW RELY-MIL-SOM product range

RELYUM is proud to announce that the company has launched RELY-MIL-SOM family, as a complement to its end equipment portfolio. These System-on-Module solutions are based on the RELY-MIL products and therefore, benefit from RELYUM’s large experience in FPGA-based engineering and a full in-house design, which allows product customization and guarantees the evolution of the devices to incorporate future requirements.

RELY-MIL-SOM products include not only the hardware platform itself, but also the firmware image embedded in the electronic board, resulting a full operative switching device, ready for being integrated in a custom enclosure.

Additionally, as being based on RELY-MIL end equipment, this hardware incorporates field-proven and certified (MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461G) technology. The resulting RELY-MIL-SOM products combine high-quality design and value-added features in a rugged platform specifically designed for critical sectors.

With this OEM solution, System integrators can develop their own Rugged Switch-Router devices, minimizing the technical risk of product design and reducing significantly the prototyping stage, and therefore, the time-to-market that demands a fast paced market environment.

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