Why Automotive sector is evolving to Time Sensitive Networking?
//Why Automotive sector is evolving to Time Sensitive Networking?

Why Automotive sector is evolving to Time Sensitive Networking?

Critical applications like Automotive, are evolving to technologies like Time Sensitive Networking (TSN).

First, let’s explain today’s car architecture, which is called “Domain Controllers and a Central Gateway”,  normally known as Domain model.

Right now, in automotive there is an Ethernet tendency called: “Fully Ethernet Based Vehicle Infrastructure”. Tendencies are to introduce more actuators, sensors and high-processing capabilities systems, totally interconnected between each other. So from that starting point, there is a need for a new automotive infrastructure.

Okay, so now let’s see critical application’s like Automotive requirements:

  • Determinism: With regular Ethernet there is not possible to get sub-microsecond synchronization accuracy.
  • High-Bandwidth: Critical applications like Automotive require High-Bandwidth, in order to handle rate-constrained traffic, zero congestion loss, mixed-critical data traffic and the coexistence of different kinds of synchronous real-time, asynchronous real-time and non-real-time communication requirements (as different sub-systems end up sharing the same wires).
  • Reliability: High-availability is a must in this type of systems.

How does Time Sensitive Networking deal with these points? With a new Architecture

Zonal E/E Architecture” is a new concept, that addresses the increasing complexity and computational demands of the automotive electronic/electrical (E/E) system to meet the expectations of the new generational automotive consumer and industry trends.

With the Zonal network topology, TSN becomes the “Game Changer” because it satisfies the requirements for the Ethernet Backbone:

  • Bandwidth
  • Real time processing and determinism
  • Possibility to have different type of traffic and priorities through the same wire
  • High reliability

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