IEEE 802.1AS in a Wired-Wireless TSN Architecture
//IEEE 802.1AS in a Wired-Wireless TSN Architecture

IEEE 802.1AS in a Wired-Wireless TSN Architecture

This new paper “IEEE 802.1AS Clock Synchronization Performance Evaluation of an Integrated Wired-Wireless TSN Architecture” was published a few days ago in the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics Journal! This paper provides the first steps towards Wireless TSN concepts, mainly around the clock synchronization mechanisms, and its propagation between wired and wireless networks.

It is the result of intense collaborative work between IKERLAN and SoC-e System-on-Chip engineering, S.L. Here is the paper!

If you are not registered at the IEEE, you can also have a look to the draft version of the paper in the following link: Wired-Wireless TSN.

At RELYUM, We previously talked about Wireless TSN in the Automotive Sector in the  2020 TSN/A Conference! We will be joining this year too.

TSN/A Conference

Definitely we will be joining this week the TSN/A Conference as exhibitors! Different topics related to Time Sensitive Networking will be followed.

Are you interested in participating in the TSN/A? If so, let us know so we can offer you a discount for the registration with our discount code!

In the following link you can see event’s program.

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