Relyum in the MILVA 2022 Conference
//Relyum in the MILVA 2022 Conference

Relyum in the MILVA 2022 Conference

Relyum is participating in the MILVA Conference 2022! The Military Vetronics Association (formerly known as International High Speed Databus User Group) is an association of agencies and industries promoting Vehicle Electronics in the military enviroment.

This event takes place in Koblenz, Germany, during this week, from May 9 to 12.


This year at MILVA different points will be discussed such as:

Our colleague Alicia Alonso, will be presenting one of the Future MILVA & Vetronics Challenges, she will be presenting Time Sensitive Networking technologies in NGVA.

Latest updates

Relyum will also take this opportunity to show their different products like the RELY-TSN-BRIDGE+, an evolution of the RELY-TSN-BRIDGE, Relyum’s first TSN Switch. This new platform incorporates different improvements and it supports a configuration with 8x 1Gbps copper TSN ports + 4x 1G/10Gbps fiber optic SFP+ TSN ports + 1x 1Gbps service port, providing the greatest flexibility to the end-user.

The RELY-TSN-BRIDGE+ has a robust and ruggedized design, that includes extended range components and thermal & dissipation artifacts, to guarantee that it can be installed in the most demanding environments.

Rugged 1G TSN Switch

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