RELY-TEST launches at PAC WORLD 2023
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RELY-TEST launches at PAC WORLD 2023

We’re going to Glasgow!

Next June 26, 27, 28, and 29 we’ll be at the PAC World presenting the expected RELYUM RELY-TEST device with SoC-e’s technology. This collaborative project between i-DE and SoC-e has been developed inside the Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub.

This hardware device for electrical substations interacts with the different IEDs of the SPACS. Also allows remote automated validations at both substation and process bus levels.

That’s why you can perform remote tests based on the IEC 61850 standard by using the RELY-TEST and a LAN network.

RELY-TEST supports RedBox functionalities with the possibility to connect to 1G PRP or HSR networks, is time-aware (supports PTP and NTP), and has time-bridging capabilities.

It has been designed to work in many different conditions inside the system. For example a software update, maintenance, site acceptance tests, service restoration after a trip, ampliation of one bay position, etc. In addition to remote testing in digital substations, the equipment is already being used by manufacturers and system integrators as a support tool in the development and validation of their new digital developments in SAT and SIT services.

The RELY-TEST is all about advantages. Using the device implies a reduction of costs at the engineering level in terms of trial time, people who have to travel to the substation for testing purposes, etc. And of course, an increase in the safety of people who will no longer have to deal with high levels of voltage and current.

This year we go as Speakers at a conference that you can’t miss. If you don’t have your ticket yet, you can buy it here.

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