RELY-MIL-SWITCH-ROUTER on the 8×8 Dragon of the Spanish Army
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RELY-MIL-SWITCH-ROUTER on the 8×8 Dragon of the Spanish Army

FEINDEF 2023 has been the chosen scenario to present the 8×8 Dragon Wheeled Combat Vehicle (RCC), of which the Ministry of Defence has ordered 348 units with a plan to increase the total quantity to more than 1000 vehicles.

RELYUM by SoC-e, in collaboration with Novatronic Sistemas, has developed the core technology of RELY-MIL-SWITCH-ROUTER. It manages the high availability network of the Dragon Mission System, offering technologically advanced specifications such as “Zero-Recovery time” (HSR/PRP) redundancy in the 1G fiber ring.

The RELY-MIL-SWITCH-ROUTER is the first Spanish equipment in the Defense field to obtain the most rigorous certification in cybersecurity: the LINCE certification, issued by the National Cryptological Center (CCN).

Furthermore, the RELY-MIL-SWITCH-ROUTER is based on FPGA technology, which offers very high levels of flexibility and customization. This allows it to have a very long life cycle without fear of becoming obsolete, being able to adapt to future developments in Ethernet technology, such as TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking).

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