Joining the TSN/A Conference 2021
//Joining the TSN/A Conference 2021

Joining the TSN/A Conference 2021

We recently joined the TSN/A Conference 2021 as a partner! This year the conference will be held online on September 29.

Time Sensitive Networking – TSN – standard Ethernet is extended to deliver great time synchronization and worst-case latency for applications that require robust, deterministic connectivity. TSN enabled products for industrial automation are now on the way. TSN – together with 5G and OPC UA – has broad impact especially in application areas like Industrial, Automotive and Railway.

The TSN/A Conference 2021 will highlight the standard’s technological aspects as well as Application-specific topics relevant in the various markets/industries.

TSN/A 2019 Conference

Relyum presentation during the 2019 TSN/A Conference

When it comes to RELYUM products, we offer a wide range of products in order to implement a complete and a flexible TSN solution.

  • Network backbone:
    • RELY-TSN-BRIDGE: Time-Sensitive Networking 4-port Switch
    • RELY-TSN-BRIDGE: Time-Sensitive NEtworking 12-port Switch (New!)
  • Enpoint devices:
  • Testing tools:

Additionally, RELYUM has launched a complete rugged switch family that supports all the TSN capabilities included in SoC-e’s MTSN IP Core and that is ready for deployment!

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