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RELY-MIL-TIME-SERVER in EU Military naval program

RELYUM by SoC-e shipped the first RELY-MIL-TIME-SERVER production units to [...]

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RELYUM joins Global Smartgrids Innovation Hub initiative powered by Iberdrola

Iberdrola has announced different cooperation agreements with many companies [...]

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Tech Use-Case: TSN in the Railway Sector: Why, What and How?

Railway sector has evolved serial Train Communication Networks to [...]

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Relyum joins CLPA (CC-Link Partners Association)

Relyum has recently joined the CLPA (CC-Link Partner Association) in [...]

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Relyum presents the most complete and flexible solution for implementing TSN

Time-Sensitive Networking is called to become network core technology [...]

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Relyum participates in the Energy Cluster’s Working Group on Digital Business Models for Electricity Grids

This group was formed in January 2020 with the [...]

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CDIIF and Electronica China – Hongke presents RELYUM TSN solutions

In the last month, the Chengdu International Industry Fair (CDIIF) and [...]

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